Top Tip

Always work in shaded areas during the hottest part of the day. If you are applying in hot, windy conditions or on porous surfaces, thin the first coat by up to 10% with water.


Home Exteriors

Pascol Sunscreen Range

Let the world see your style and personality. A number of elements should be involved in selecting your exterior colour scheme.

Selecting my colour palette

There are a few elements that should be involved in your decision process.

Using similar colour intensities unifies the community. Building materials used on your home are a big part of your overall colour story. Your roof is a prominent colour. Your home’s architectural style can also help define your colour choices. Climate conditions and the degree of sunlight your home is exposed to might also affect the colours you’re considering using. Landscaping around your home contributes colour which affects the appearance, also house colours around your neighbourhood can offer ideas you may not have imagined.


Painting the exterior

It’s important to fix and prep problem areas before you begin to paint:

  • Look around the house for any soft or rotting wood, especially around windows and doors. You will need to replace it with new wood prior to painting.
  • Fill cracks and holes but don’t over do it. Filler is not suitable for repairing large holes; rather, it is best used for sealing the spaces between window frames and siding. Follow all manufacturer directions before applying Pascol Sunscreen paint.

Pascol Sunscreen is available in a wide range of sheen levels to suit your personal preference. Pascol Sunscreen is a smooth, opaque paint finish with enhanced resistance to UV light to protect the surface. Pascol Sunscreen offers protection with its all weather barrier and has a 15yr warranty against flaking, peeling and blistering*. Pascol Sunscreen is suitable to use without a primer on most properly prepared exterior surfaces including timber, galvanised iron sheet, fibrous cement, hardboards, cement render & masonry.

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