Top Tip

Always work in shaded areas during the hottest part of the day. If you are applying in hot, windy conditions or on porous surfaces, thin the first coat by up to 10% with water.


Feature Walls

Pascol Living and Bedroom Low Sheen

To create a 'Wow Factor' paint a feature wall. The best walls are windowless and easily seen when walking past the room. It's the easiest way to add colour and personality to your room.

Which wall do I paint?

Avoid a wall that has a door, as you will have broken colour with the wall colour of the adjacent room visible through the doorway.

What colour will work best?

Popular feature wall colours for living rooms are navy, deep smokey purple colours, charcoals and deep berry tones. The feature colour of your wall can accentuate your room’s accessories such as cushions, vases and artwork, not just on the wall itself.

Painting your Feature Wall: Hints and Tips

Getting the perfect edges

Apply masking tape (one that is designed to be removed easily) around the outer edges of the feature wall. Using a putty knife, lay it flat on the tape. With firm but gentle pressure, run the knife all around the taped edge pressing the tape to the wall. This reduces the risk of the fresh paint 'bleeding' under the tape.

Remove the tape while the paint is drying. When removing the tape, carefully pull it back parallel (as opposed to pulling it up) this will reduce the likelihood of it pulling off your paint work.

Pascol Living & Bedroom Matt is the perfect paint for feature walls as it provides a subtle, muted gloss finish in any colour. This washable matt finish assists with hiding surface imperfections and resists against the growth of mould. It is low in odour so it is more gentle on your senses and better for you and your environment.

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