Top Tip

Always work in shaded areas during the hottest part of the day. If you are applying in hot, windy conditions or on porous surfaces, thin the first coat by up to 10% with water.


Doors and Trim

It's all in the detail. Painting doors and windows with the right colour can have a major impact on the style and feel of a room. Think of the walls as a canvas, while the skirting boards, door frames and window sashes act as a frame.

Paint Selection

Trim work is usually painted with either water based or oil based enamels for these reasons:

  • Hardness and resistance to wear
  • Sheen level – high gloss, gloss or satin
  • Resistance to sticking of windows and doors
  • Produces a smooth and even finish with minimal brush marks
  • Interior and exterior durability
  • Easy cleaning

Window Tips: Always paint the windows early in the day so they have enough time to dry before you close them in the evening. A handy tip is to open and close the window a number of times while the paint is drying so that they don't stick.

Door Tips: When painting a door, always start with the edges followed by the top half of the door finishing with the bottom half of the door.

Water Based Enamels: Today's water based trim enamels are as tough and durable as traditional oil based enamels in most painting situations. Using a water based enamel offers the added benefit of low odour, non-yellowing and fast drying.

For best results use Pascol Easy-Prep Primer Sealer Undercoat, then lightly sand after undercoating & between finishing coats. Using a quality long bristled synthetic brush will also reduce brush marks for an even finish.

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