Top Tip

Always work in shaded areas during the hottest part of the day. If you are applying in hot, windy conditions or on porous surfaces, thin the first coat by up to 10% with water.



Pascol Living and Bedroom Low Sheen

A bedroom is a personal retreat within your home. Whether you’re going for 'sweet dreams' in a child's room, a 'retreat-like feel' in the master suite or 'make yourself at home' for that special guest, the wall colour you choose is the key to setting just the right tone.

Which colours should I choose?

Cool hues such as blues and greens provide a soothing feeling that adds everyday liveability to the bedroom space. Cool colours can give the effect of expanding small bedrooms and making the space appear larger.

Neutral colours are another favourite choice for bedrooms, as they allow you to inject colour with your choice of accessories.

Painting your Bedrooms: Hints and Tips

Preparation: Ensure walls and ceilings are clean and dry.

Paint selection: Matt or Low Sheen are the best paint choice for bedroom walls.

Pascol Living & Bedroom Matt has a higher sheen level (slightly glossier) than flat and is suitable for medium traffic areas of the home. It is washable, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. Low Sheen is better suited to higher traffic areas and kid's rooms.

Pascol Ceiling paint is a Flat finish and is ideal for ceilings in living rooms and bedrooms. It assists in hiding surface imperfections which are common on ceilings and has excellent coverage.

Pascol Living & Bedroom Matt, Low Sheen and Ceiling Paint resists against the growth of mould and is also low in odour so it is more gentle on your senses and better for you and your home environment.

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