Top Tip

Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.



Yellow creates a warm and radiant feeling which brightens a room. As a reflective colour it brings fun and energy into your kitchen!

Wall Colours

  • Daisy Days PL080
  • Pine Lime PP010
  • Kashmere Glow PO070
  • Yellow Fever PM010
  • Cockatoos Crest PO080
  • Beige Leather PP090
  • Golden Gaze PL070
  • Penne PY030wh
  • Sunny Boy PN020
  • After Sun PR140
  • Warm Caramel PQ140
  • Dandelion PM020
  • Lemon Delish PN050
  • Marscapone Cream PM150
  • Colorbond® Classic Cream PS140
  • Colorbond® Sandbank PS130

Accent / Complimentary Colours

Dark accents used sparingly add depth and grounding to a yellow colour scheme.

  • Pale Tungsten PZ2110
  • Colorbond® Deep Ocean PZ1060
  • Velvet Desire PZ5060
  • Confidential PZ8110

Trims / Doors

  • Idyllic Ivory PC010wh
  • Vanilla Sauce PZ1010wh
  • Washington PT140
  • Mellowed PZ1030wh