Top Tip

Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.


Red and Orange

Red brings warmth. It radiates enthusiasm, emotion and is a truly powerful colour. It would add breathtaking colour to any dining area!

Wall Colours

  • Orange Burst PH010
  • Sunnyvale PI020
  • Crab Claw PH020
  • Orange Parfait PH080
  • Hot Sand PH150
  • Wooden Block PK120
  • Sugar Syrup PL130
  • Bride's Kiss PE070
  • Henna Orange PG020
  • Ocean Sponge PM140
  • Kimoni Silk PF080
  • San Diego Sun PK020
  • Angel's Glow PI030wh
  • Wooden Thread PK030wh
  • Dreamy Candlelight PI110
  • Colorbond® Manor Red PG110

Accent / Complimentary Colours

Greens and purples used sparingly, add honesty and sincerity to a red/orange colour scheme.

  • Feathered Fern PS070
  • Plump Purple PA010
  • Cactus Bush PV070
  • Blue Jays PZ5020

Trims / Doors

  • Colorbond® Surfmist PZ150
  • Warm Bisque PO150
  • Idyllic Ivory PC010wh
  • Hesitant PX150