Top Tip

Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.


Purples and Pinks

Purple exudes emotions of royalty and eccentricity. Lavender is such a comfort colour, it's perfect for the bedroom. Why not use a rich shade of Very Currant on your feature wall?

Wall Colours

  • Plum Seduction PA060
  • Very Currant PZ8010
  • Grilled Eggplant PB060
  • Pink Candies PE010
  • Majestic Rose PE140
  • Muddled Mauve PA040
  • Perfect Plum PA070
  • Jam Jar PD020
  • Petticoat PA020wh
  • Hazey Purple PZ6050
  • MilkyMauve PZ7090
  • Purple Tulip PZ7070
  • Tufted PZ7150
  • Sugar and Spice PC120
  • Warm Shadow PZ7140
  • April Change PC110

Accent / Complimentary Colours

Greens and gold colours used sparingly add warmth and confidence to a purple/pink colour scheme.

  • Feathered Fern PS070
  • Crouching Tiger PQ120
  • Skylark PW130
  • Beige Leather PP090

Trims / Doors

  • For Nature's Sake PG010wh
  • Idyllic Ivory PC010wh
  • Outback Dew PV140
  • Steamed Dumpling PZ8010wh