Top Tip

Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.



Neutrals are ideal for developing a calm and classic look. Don't forget to add a splash of colour as they work well with strong accents. A popular choice for living areas!

Wall Colours

  • Angel's Glow PI030wh
  • Eggshell Cream PI020wh
  • Steamed Dumpling PZ8010wh
  • Wooden Thread PK030wh
  • Colorbond® Surfmist PZ150
  • Plain Flour PZ5100
  • Soft Rain PZ3140
  • Warm Shadow PZ7140
  • Outback Dew PV140
  • Hay Field PO130
  • Soft Doe PN140
  • Warm Bisque PO150
  • Cheese Cloth PV150
  • Winter Grass PZ140
  • Hesitant PX150
  • Vanilla Essence PF020wh

Accent / Complimentary Colours

Accent colours, when used sparingly, create a classic and serene colour scheme.

  • King Tides PZ5010
  • Feeling Groovy PY010
  • Kimono Silk PF080
  • Kashmere Glow PO070

Trims / Doors

  • Idyllic Ivory PC010wh
  • Ricotta PZ2030wh
  • For Nature's Sake PG010wh
  • Laser Lemon PJ020wh