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Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.

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Inspiring Colour Schemes

Where do you start? Right here. These interior and exterior schemes help you choose the colours that will highlight the most beautiful features of your home and reflect your personality.

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Interior Colour Schemes

1. When choosing colour it really helps to look at your existing furnishings that you're going to incorporate into your new colour scheme. Pick out some of the key colours in them to begin to create your individual colour scheme.

2. Consider the light your room receives. If it's a cold room, use warmer tones. If it's a warm room with plenty of sunshine, go for cooler tones.

3. Choose colours that you love! It's your home, so it should reflect your personality. Pick a colour scheme because you adore it.

4. Once you have the main colour of your room chosen, select your accents (complementary colours) to add more fun, energy and interest to your space.

We've made it easy for you by recommending accent and trim colours for various colour schemes. Take a look and see which one suits your style… then add colour.

Exterior Colour Schemes

1. Define your style
It's simple, just choose a style from the following options (or from the menu at left) that best suits your home.

2. Get Inspired
Use the main image for each style to get inspired and to see an example of how a colour scheme works.

3. Pick a Scheme
We have taken the hard work out by suggesting colour schemes that work well together. Simply choose one of these or create your own.

To make your choice even easier we have recommended main and trim colours for all colour schemes. Take a look and see which one best suits your style, then add colour.

Understanding the Colour Schemes

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Walls - this is the preferred main colour choice for your living space (interiors) or exterior walls and panels.

Trims - your trim colour can be applied to skirting boards (interiors), doors and window frames.

Accent/Complimentary - this is an accessory colour used in small quantities to lift or add punch.