Top Tip

Cut out some images that you love from your favourite magazines. You should see a common theme and colour direction emerging.



Green exudes a fresh, chilled and relaxed mood. From forest green to lime, it's considered the colour of pece and ecology. This works well in any environment.

Wall Colours

  • Helga's Garden PP070
  • Mountain Meadow PS080
  • Cerulian PR020
  • Birds Nest PY110
  • Fresh Oyster PV120
  • Prickly Porcupine PY130
  • Glace Pears PZ010wh
  • Lemonata PP030
  • Little Gem PT100
  • Spotted Gum PR080
  • Conica PV010
  • Colorbond Pale Eucalypt PA060
  • Green Shamrock PQ060
  • Rocko PW140
  • Ricotta PZ2030wh
  • Cheese Cloth PV150

Accent / Complimentary Colours

These colours, opposite on the colour wheel, bring out the best in each other. Warm accent colours in a green colour scheme add a hint of youthfulness.

  • Orange Burst PH010
  • Bride's Kiss PE070
  • Dark Blush PE110
  • Plum Seduction PA060

Trims / Doors

  • Self Raising PK020wh
  • Ricotta PZ2030wh
  • Soft Doe PN140
  • Wooden Thread PK030wh