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Painting with water based paint? Lightly moisten brushes or rollers with water before starting, and occasionally during painting, to keep them working freely. If using an oil based paint, use mineral turps to lightly moisten.

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Step 7: Which tools are best?

Using quality tools will ensure the best finish, below is a suggested guide.

Application Tools for water based paints

Living and Bedroom (Low Sheen & Matt), kitchen & Bathroom, Ceiling

Synthetic (12mm pile) roller, synthetic brushes

Trim water based (Sating & Gloss

Short nap synthetic roller or quality synthetic brush

Application Tools for oil based paints

Trim Oil based (Satin & High Gloss)

Short nap mohair roller or quality brush.

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Step 1: How much paint do I need?

Step 2: Which sheen should I use?

Step 3: Choosing the right Prep Coat

Step 4: Prepare the surface

Step 5: Let's paint Ceilings and Walls

Step 6: Let's paint Trims and Woodwork

Step 7: Which tools do I need?

Step 8: Clean-up, storage & disposal

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