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We've made it easy for you! There are varying levels of washability depending on the product and usage area. From low servicability (bedrooms) to high servicability (kitchens). Look out for these symbols on pack.

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Step 2: Which Sheen should I use?

Knowing the characteristics and functions of each sheen level will help you select the best for your project. Wet areas like Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries need a more serviceable paint to resist steam, moisture and cooking stains.

Wall Ceiling
Sheen Level Matt Low Sheen Semi Gloss Flat Eggshell
Traffic Area Low to Medium Low to High Med to High N/A N/A
Living Rooms ** *** ** *** *
Bedrooms *** *** ***
Media Rooms *** ** ***
Bathrooms * *** ***
Laundry * *** * ***
Kitchen * *** * **
Kid's Rooms *** * ***
Hallways * *** ***
Feature Walls *** **
Pascol Interior Range

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Step 2: Which sheen should I use?

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Step 4: Prepare the surface

Step 5: Let's paint Ceilings and Walls

Step 6: Let's paint Trims and Woodwork

Step 7: Which tools do I need?

Step 8: Clean-up, storage & disposal

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