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Always round up to ensure that you have enough paint to complete the job.

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Calculating Paint Requirements

How much paint do I need?

Let's start with calculating how much paint you'll need to paint your house. It's pretty easy really, complete these simple formulas and you're there.

Step One: The Perimeter

Measure the perimeter of your house (length and width, in metres). If your house is not rectangular shaped, work your way around measuring each section. Add all numbers together.

Length  +  Length  +  Width  +  Width  =  Total Perimeter (m)

Step Two: The Height

Multiply the perimeter by height of the house (up to the eaves).

Total Perimeter  x  Height  =  Gross Area (m²)

Step Three: Doors & Windows

Deduct windows and doors. An average window is approximately 1.5 m² and an average door is 2.5m².

Gross Area(m²)  -  Doors & Windows (m²)  =  Total Area (m²)

Step Four: Paint Loss Compensation

To compensate for paint loss, divide Total area by 14

Total Area(m²)  /  14  =  Number of Litres required per coat

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