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Live within 1km of the coast? Apply 3 coats of Pascol Sunscreen to Zincalume® or galvanised iron sheet for extra protection against white rust. For structural or hot dip galvanised steel; call the customer service hotline to determine the most suitable preparation and coating system due to variability in surface & exposure conditions.

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DIY Exteriors

DIY Exterior Painting Guide

OK, so you've decided to paint the exterior of your home, but could use a little advice. In the Exterior DIY Painting Guide we give you all the information you need to achieve a professional finish. At Pascol, we see what you see.

You can work through the steps within this guide by using the navigation on the left, but before we do that, let's start with some colour selection tips. More detailed colour information and schemes can be found in our paint colour schemes section.

Useful Tips

Painting the exterior

Try painting your colour on a large piece of cardboard (1m x 2m). Move the board around the area and see how the colour looks in different areas, and in different lighting conditions.

Try not to use more than 3 colours in your scheme. More colours will make your exterior façade appear busy and cluttered.

Wet paint will appear lighter, so wait until your paint is dry and then you will see the true lasting colour.

Highlight exterior architectural features or trim areas using contrasting colours in a different sheen level.

Let's go...

Step 1: How much paint do I need?

Step 2: Which sheen should I use?

Step 3: Prepare the surface

Step 4: Let's paint

Step 5: Which tools do I need?

Step 6: Clean-up, storage & disposal

Guide Download

Download a PDF of our DIY Exterior Painting Guide

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